Symbolic Meaning of a Flower

The flower language is called floriography. Our website” symbolic meaning of a flower”, we bring the meaning of flowers to you, learn the ancient language of flowers, from the victorian era all the way back to Turkey and Ireland.

For centuries, flowers have been a way of communicating our deepest desires, love, and success. If you would like to get in touch, please free to email us or write us at our address from our contact page.

Services we provide:

We provide services for all your flower needs, from flower readings, planning and feng shui placement of flowers in your home, office or garden, including the meaning of flowers for all your floral needs. You can email us anytime for a flower consultation at or

About the author Tsar Imperia:

I’m in love with flowers, i think they are all beautiful if you must know, of course sunshine and warm oceans too. Happy to share my journey of discovery with you in this magical life and flower secrets.

I remember my first bouquet, made this lady feel special!

I grew up in Hawaii, so my first friends were flowers and my cat, I played by myself alot in the jungles and streams. I was home schooled so nature, plants and animals were my first deep relations, so to speak.

Kinda of introverted book worm at this point, who travels, alot .With this site I can express myself and my curiosity on a different level with you.

Hope you enjoy feel free to email with any questions.

Much love and light Tsar : )

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