Can Daisies Have Multiple Colors on a Single Flower?


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Daisies, the quintessential emblem of purity and innocence, have charmed gardeners and flower enthusiasts alike with their simple yet captivating beauty. Traditionally, when picturing a daisy, we envision a flower with white petals and a vibrant yellow center. However, nature’s canvas is diverse and vast. This begs the question, can daisies have multiple colors on a single flower? The answer to this intriguing query is more fascinating than one might expect.

The Classic Daisy

The classic daisy, scientifically known as Bellis perennis, is known for its pure white petals and sunny yellow center. Its appearance is so iconic that it has become the symbolic representation of daisies in general. It might surprise many to learn that daisies are not limited to this singular, albeit charming, color scheme.

The Daisy Family

To explore this further, we must acknowledge that the term “daisy” encompasses a broad family of flowers known as Asteraceae. This family includes more than 23,000 species, ranging from the familiar sunflower and chrysanthemum to more exotic varieties such as the zinnia and dahlias. Each of these species manifests a wide array of colors, often within a single flower.

The Multicolored Daisies

Among the multicolored daisies, the Gerbera daisy stands out. This South African native comes in a range of stunning hues, including pink, red, yellow, orange, and even violet. Moreover, it’s not uncommon to find Gerbera daisies with gradient color effects, where the color transitions from one shade at the center to another at the edges.

The Osteospermum, or African daisy, is another prime example. Its petals can exhibit a bold combination of purple and blue, often with a dramatic blue or purple center. The intriguing thing about these daisies is that their color can change as they mature, leading to a single flower displaying an array of colors.

The Role of Hybridization

Modern gardening techniques have taken the color possibilities of daisies to the next level. Through selective breeding and hybridization, horticulturists have developed daisies that exhibit two or more colors on a single flower. For instance, Shasta daisies have been bred to display centers of vibrant green or even pinkish hues, breaking away from the traditional yellow.


So, can daisies have multiple colors on a single flower? Absolutely. Not only do naturally occurring species of daisies exhibit a fascinating array of colors and patterns, but the art of hybridization also allows us to experience the charm of daisies in an ever-expanding range of hues and designs. The world of daisies is truly a kaleidoscope of nature’s possibilities, inviting us to enjoy its diversity and reminding us that even the most commonplace of flowers can surprise us with their versatility.

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